Everything you need to know about buying and selling real estate in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, and the Banderas Bay region

Money Laundering, Virtual Assets & Cryptocurrencies

Anti-Money Laundering Laws in Mexico 2018 – 2020

Money laundering is considered to be the crime of operations with resources from illegal origins under article 400-bis of the Federal Criminal Code. The money laundering offense is also complemented by the Federal Law Against Organized Crime, which provides higher criminal sanctions for money laundering offenders considered to be members of a criminal organization, and the Federal Criminal Procedures Code, which considers the money laundering offense to be a serious offense and thus limits the ability of any defendant to obtain release prior to conviction.


What is Your Home Really Worth?

The 3 Immutable Laws of Real Estate

These are the basic rules of buying and selling real estate anywhere in the world:

First Law of Real Estate: It doesn’t matter what your neighbors home sold for in the past. And it doesn’t matter what your own home was worth in the past. Primary or second home prices are dynamic, as they rise and fall, and change daily, seemingly on a whim. What a home was worth five years ago, last month or yesterday has no bearing on what it is worth today. You did not sell your home two years ago when you could have gotten twice what you’ll get today, so getting upset about what it sells for today simply is a waste of energy.


The Truth Bearers

Role of the Notary Throughout History

Notary publics date back to ancient Roman times when few people were taught to read and write. A notarius was appointed as a public official to create written documents of agreement or wills and to hold them for safekeeping. There are three major and different notarial systems each associated with a different kind of Notary:


Colombian Residency & Foreign Buyers

Steps for Buying Real Estate in Colombia

There are no restrictions on foreigners buying property in Colombia. Real estate transactions are handled by a notary, and an attorney of the buyers’ choice should write the offer. Foreigners buying Colombia real estate can qualify for a Colombian residency visa as well. There are a couple important points to remember when buying real estate in Colombia as a foreigner. The Colombian marketplace is not over-leveraged. Deals are done in cash and there is no substantial discount for paying in cash, if any.