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Cochran Real Estate is a family of agents with over 40 years of experience living and working in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This beautiful city, located on the Pacific Ocean’s Bahia de Banderas in the state of Jalisco, Mexico is where we call home. Puerto Vallarta is known for its’ art, cultural beauty, spectacular beaches, water sports, and marine life you can still experience up close.

Cochran Real Estate as a group, is diverse and multi-generational as the city we live in. We are a boutique agency and uniquely helping buyers and sellers discover their dream home, beachfront property for the whole family, or that perfect pied-á-terre in Jalisco and Nayarit, Mexico.

Our experienced and trained agents will share with you, their expertise. And throughout it all we will conduct ourselves with the outmost of ethical standards Cochran Real Estate is famously known for.

Our access to over a thousand property listings will help achieve your search for that ultimate vacation spot, residence, or investment.

Our brokerage in Mexico includes vacation, retirement living, resort listings and sales. We are also specialists in property management, leasing, feasibility, investment analysis, and implementation.

"We’re here to help you through every step of the process...before, during, and after your real estate transaction!"



Founder / Director / Broker

“Your Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Guru!”

Harriet has many years of experience working in real estate in Texas and Puerto Vallarta. She, also served as Vice-President and President of AMPI Puerto Vallarta for a number of years.
Born and raised in Louisiana, she has a BA in Art Education with a Minor in Business from LSU, Monroe. She has lived in Puerto Vallarta since 1996 and founded Cochran Real Estate in 1997.
Harriet has been helping clients acquire and sell their properties for over 30 years.
She brings a wealth of experience, guidance, and real estate expertise to Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas.
Harriet has created a high-profile team to help her clients know that their interests are valued and protected. This assurance has led to many happy sales for both buyers and sellers.
She is also a Certified International Property Specialist; a long time Realtor with NAR and NAR International; and CONOCER (Mexico) Certified in Mexico.
Harriet travels the world to attend courses, give presentations, and network through FIABCI Mexico and FIABCI USA of which she is also a broker member.


USA/Canada: +1(504) 298-6730

Mexico: +52 (322) 223-4027

Mobile: +52 (322) 205-7550


“Let’s talk about your real estate project in México!”

I’ve been a professional real estate agent for buyers and sellers for over 4 years and I love doing real estate transactions. It’s a passion that I practice in Canada and Mexico. I’ve had the opportunity to live in the mountains, in the city and by the sea in 2 different countries, so these experiences have enabled me to develop great adaptability and a deep understanding of the implications of a life change for the clients I have the honor of representing. I offer my services in French, English and Spanish, facilitating communication between all parties. An enthusiast of outdoor activities, seaside’s and adventures to discover new horizons, I value human relationships marked by transparency, respect and sustainability. Ambitious to always know more, real estate is a playground where I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge with my customers in order to give them the right advice. I’m convinced that open communication, good preparation and being surrounded by competent collaborators are crucial to the success of a real estate project. My expertise will help you achieve your real estate goals by strategically maximizing your profits. Whether you’re considering buying or selling a property, do not hesitate to contact me.


Languages: French, English and Spanish


USA/Canada: +1 (438) 397-0840

Mexico: +52 (322)180-2408

Mobile: +52 (322)180-2408


I am a 15-year veteran of the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Industry.  I am an investor, landlord, property manager, homeowner and realtor.  I am an experienced and knowledgeable negotiator who works to protect his client’s interests. I was attracted to the reputation and integrity of Cochran Real Estate where I am considered a dependable advocate for my clients. A good listener, I will work with you to ensure a successful real estate transaction. When I am not working with buyers and sellers finding their next dream home, you can find me enjoying outdoor activities and the wonderful lifestyle that Puerto Vallarta has to offer.


Languages: English, Spanish


USA/Canada: +1 (512) 807-7477

Mexico: +52 (322) 429-7069

Mobile: +52 (322) 429-7069


Juan is a person that virtually any individual can instantly connect with. Originally from Monterrey, NL, Juan graduated with a degree in architecture from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. 

His interests and passions, which include travel, design, music, commerce and customer service, led him to create and successfully lead an outstanding import and distribution project of high-end cosmetics in Mexico; representing exclusive brands from Italy, Spain, France, England, Germany, Australia and Canada. This gave him extensive experience in international business and a deep understanding of customer service in the luxury sector. 

For almost a decade, Juan resided in Quebec, Canada, where he actively participated in various communication and sales projects for different companies. It was there, in 2020, where he ventured into the world of real estate, developing image and visual communication campaigns specifically for the sale of luxury properties. This experience allowed him to know in detail the French-speaking culture, their lifestyle and of course, their expectations as clients in the real estate domain. 

Juan Gonzalez is recognized across the board for his meticulous approach, always prioritizing quality over quantity. He is a person driven by his constant desire to excel and fulfill his commitments flawlessly. 

It is worth noting that in addition to being a real estate agent in Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit, Juan Gonzalez is widely known for his DJ skills and his devotion to mixing exclusively with vinyl. If you are lucky enough, you may find him playing at some of the best bars in the Bay!.


Languages: French, English, and Spanish


USA/Canada: +1 (438) 397-0840

Mexico: +52 (811)047-6766

Mobile: +52 (811)047-6766


Unique Skills And Experience Working For You!”

Originally from Greenwich, CT, William has a Masters’ degree in social work psychotherapy and practiced in Boston and surrounding areas before retiring and moving to Puerto Vallarta in 2005.

He is very excited to return to Real Estate and work with Cochran Real Estate as an agent and is ready to provide professional service to achieve the sellers’ and buyers’ goals. Previous association with a contemporary agency benefited William in gaining expertise to helping long term residents of Puerto Vallarta sell their properties in a timely manner at the greatest profit. He also loves to match peoples’ dreams to a property in paradise. William has lived in Puerto Vallarta for twenty years. During his time, he was one of the founding members of Vallarta Pride, which is having its 10 th year anniversary in 2023. He is happy to say he was part of something that has continued to bring visitors in May. William has been very active in AMPI, the real estate association. He is the former Director of education for the three sections of AMPI in the Bay. He also is the former chair of the website and social media committee, and Secretary of urban planning committees. Through his involvement with Urban Planning Committee, he helped found a nonprofit to create a system of parks in Puerto Vallarta. He is involved with helping to advocate greater mobility for all citizens, cultural and museums, and ensuring we have water in the future. He currently sits on his neighborhood community.

William loves to share his love of Puerto Vallarta and to help people dream and live the amazing life which is possible in Puerto Vallarta.


Languages: Spanish, English


USA/Canada: +1(504) 298-6730

Mexico:+52 (322) 223-4027

Mobile: +52 (322) 105-1151


“For All Your Real Estate Sales and Rental Needs!”

Kenneth started visiting Puerto Vallarta in the early 1990’s and bought his first home here in 1998. He loves the culture, people, cuisine, and the overall diversity of Puerto Vallarta. Retiring in 2013 after 33 years as a teacher, administrator, and a principal of a Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade school, Ken was involved in promoting internationalism and established significant and meaningful relationships with eight schools in seven countries.  

Joining Cochran Real Estate as an Agent in June 2019, and now an AMPI Affiliate, Ken looks forward to continuing to utilize his administrative talents and executive functioning skills with the company. Kenneth is aligned with Vallarta’s cosmopolitan feeling and worldly flavor, and feels privileged and honored to be living in this growing city, helping clients find the perfect home, condo, or rental (short or long term). 



USA/Canada: +1 (504) 298-6730

Mexico: +52 (322) 223-4027

Mobile: +52 (322) 159-8378


Property and Facilities Management

“Our Property Manager Thrives On Challenges!”

Meri Leon was born in Navarra, Spain where she studied art in the Public University of Basque Country in Bilbao, getting her degree in Painting and Sculpture, in 1998.

Meri moved to London for two years after graduating and then spent 7 years in New York.  In 2007 Meri moved to Puerto Vallarta and began working with Cochran Real Estate in 2008 as Cochran’s Property Manager.  Meri helps property owners and clients with whatever they need and assists in any projects that Cochran Real Estate and the Cochran team need help with.  Meri is an accomplished artist and shows her work locally in some of Puerto Vallarta’s most celebrated and prestigious galleries.


Languages: Spanish, English, and French


USA/Canada: (504) 298-6730

Puerto Vallarta Office: (322) 223-4027

Mobile: (322) 135-6855


Listing and Closing Manager

“Cochran Real Estate’s Manager Extraordinaire!”

Assistant to Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Agent Harriet Cochran Murray, Vanessa Lopez was born in Puerto Vallarta and is proud to continue to call it home. She joined Cochran Real Estate after completing her education in business at Universidad del Valle Atemajac. Vanessa’s years of experience and formal training makes her Harriet’s “right hand” in listing  properties and managing the closing paperwork.  When not in the office Vanessa enjoys spending time with her two children and traveling the world.


Languages: Spanish, English, and French 


USA/Canada: (504) 298-6730 

Puerto Vallarta Office: (322) 223-4027

Mobile: (322) 135-7421


Born in NYC,  I moved to Puerto Vallarta in 2020 with the hopes of retirement but when an opportunity presented itself to represent the growing number of African Americans moving to Puerto Vallarta, my sister and I grabbed at the chance.  So, I am currently a proud co- owner of the first African American owned establishment in Puerto Vallarta. A colloquially termed “Blaxit” of African Americans leaving the US and seeking to put down roots elsewhere was inducement enough for me to think of Buying and Selling Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta. For this reason, I joined Cochran Real Estate in 2023. As Broker’s assistant I will assist clients with their property transactions, while working closely with the Broker to ensure smooth transactions for both buyers and sellers. I am confident my formal background as a paralegal with 25 years of collection litigation as well as my knowledge of legal procedures and attention to detail will help me become a successful assistant and a great real estate agent in the near future.


Languages: English


USA/Canada: +1(504) 298-6730

Mexico: +52 (322) 223-4027

Mobile: +1(770) 778-0751


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As you begin your journey to achieving your dream of living in Mexico, we hope this Guide has helped to clarify the steps and procedures of purchasing property in Puerto Vallarta. 
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