Everything you need to know about buying and selling real estate in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, and the Banderas Bay region

Sales Statistics For 2018 Compared To 2017

Real Estate Sales Statistics for 2018

Total for land sales reported of $12,529,767 USD, -14% down from prior year. There were 41 sold transactions with an average sale of $303,804 USD.  Sales were an average of 89% off list. Total inventory was 429 lots.


Negotiating Tactics & Bargaining Power

Our Culture Affects How We Negotiate Real Estate Purchases

Buyers from different cultures may try to renegotiate a purchase agreement after it has been signed, but this is not a matter of ethics. America is a “low context” country where everything is spelled out between people either verbally or in contracts. Other countries are “high context” where much more information is derived from the context of the communication and less is spelled out.


Selling your property in Mexico

Correct Paperwork When You Decide to Sell

The system we usually follow before we decide to sell doesn’t have the checks and balances it should.Your paperwork trail needs to satisfy the notary. He has to have everything he needs to establish a clear picture of you as the owner.

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