Everything you need to know about buying and selling real estate in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, and the Banderas Bay region

What is the Trust Deed?

The Purchase of Mexican Real Estate

Foreigners (non-Mexican) are able to purchase real estate in Mexico. They may directly own rural or urban land in the interior of Mexico with certain limitations on specific agricultural tracts. In the restricted protected zone, a Trust Deed is used. These protected areas include 100 kilometers along all-natural borders, 50 kilometers along coastlines, and all of Baja California.  Banderas Bay is primarily in the restricted zone.


AS IS in Mexico

What Does Buying or Selling Real Estate ¨AS IS¨ Mean?

To sell a home AS IS is to sell the property in its current state with an understanding that no repairs will be made, and the property will come with its current faults and issues. When you are buying a home “AS IS” it should be written clearly in the purchase and sale agreement.


Pros and Cons

Buying New Construction or Resale

Buying a Resale. This is the most straightforward way to buy a condo. Advantages include: You can see what you’re buying. You don’t have to imagine how it will look from a floor plan. There is no wait. You get to move in as soon as you close.


Priorities For Buyers Of Mexican Real Estate

4 Priorities for Purchasing Property in Puerto Vallarta

Insist on a comparative market analysis of the” solds” and a list of the competition on the market for any villa or condo you are considering buying. Don’t take no for an answer. Although it is true that historically there has been a history of not recording true sales prices in the Mexican public registry, this doesn’t have to continue, and it is illegal.  You, as a buyer have the right to information before you spend your money.

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