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Civil Code of Jalisco & Condo Ownership

He Who Knows His Law Influences More Than Others

To protect condo owners, the Civil Code of Jalisco provides a comprehensive description of what condo ownership means, and how owners can protect their interests.In my experience, a number of buyers do not take the time to learn the ins and outs of this body of law.  It is to the owner’s benefit to be knowledgeable in the rules and regulations. This specific code protects the interests of the condo ownership as a whole. It is a mistake to assume that the rules and laws for condos in the States are the same as in Mexico.


2017 vs 2016 Property Sales


This Sunday I changed my routine and walked through town on the malecon from the Navy Museum to the Hotel Rosita.  This area still has charm.  The plants have grown large enough to be a part of the landscape and for the most part the route is clean of trash. The sculpture gallery is an outstanding attribute for Puerto Vallarta to have for residents as well as visitors. This area around the main plaza and church, has its own identity separate from Zona Romantica, south of the Rio Cuale.


Putting fair market competition at risk

Individual Real Estate Agents Can Violate Anti-Trust or Anti-Monopoly Laws (Part 2)

The article last week was intended for the public and real estate agents. We hear more frequently about companies violating anti-trust or monopolistic practices.  The company policies impact how the employees and management are trained to meet the goals of the company. But real estate agents themselves, sometimes not knowing, do things which put fair market competition at risk. Let´s go back to unfair business practices and unfair competition.

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