Everything you need to know about buying and selling real estate in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, and the Banderas Bay region

Selling your property in Mexico

Correct Paperwork When You Decide to Sell

The system we usually follow before we decide to sell doesn’t have the checks and balances it should.Your paperwork trail needs to satisfy the notary. He has to have everything he needs to establish a clear picture of you as the owner.


An Economist's Viewpoint

Real Estate Markets & the Need for Housing

Properties are built, bought and sold in a cycle which can be at different times stagnant or vibrant; transparent or murky; beneficial or shoddy and dangerous. The key to the existence and flourishing of the free market is a society in which the rights and titles of private property are respected, defended, and kept secure. Private property thrives in open, ethical markets. Free markets do not mean lack of controls. When there is reason or ethics to contain greed, more members of a society benefit.


Buying or Selling Property in a Multi-currency Environment

Living with Multiple Currencies

Here, in Mexico we live within a multi-currency environment. Our US dollars or other foreign currencies are most often converted into the peso rate when conducting commerce and business. If we are going to appreciate and benefit from this situation, we need to know the basics.


Selling Real Estate in Mexico

Is your agent a coyote?

We make choices every day. They need to be informed ones. President Kennedy said: “We choose to stay with the comfort of opinion rather than the discomfort of thought”. A recent discussion with a seller made me realize she needed to become aware of misunderstandings which could happen by her not understanding Mexican immigration and tax requirements.

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