Everything you need to know about buying and selling real estate in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, and the Banderas Bay region

Colombia an Option for Expats

Areas to consider for living in Medellin neighborhoods

From the city center in the valley, neighborhoods extend up the mountainsides, where residents enjoy cooler daytime temperatures with beautiful city and mountain views. Most expats and tourists prefer the city’s high-rise apartments and condominiums in fashionable neighborhoods such as El Poblado, Parque Lleras, Envigado and Laureles.


Choosing a New and Different Lifestyle

Benefits and Challenges of Living in Puerto Vallarta

Climate and Lifestyle. One of the main benefits of living in the Bay, has been the easy pace or life-style and the weather. Warm weather is always on the list as an important benefit and reason to live here.  Without sunny days, blue skies, and other positives; one might not consider other benefits.  A slower pace, a more leisurely life-style, the presence of kind and friendly people, would not be the same in a cold, overcast place.


Expats and Mexican Real Estate

North American Real Estate Connections

North American real estate connections (Mexico, Canada, and the USA) have many similarities besides their obvious physical proximity. Their citizens move back and forth between all three for business and pleasure. Each of the countries rates the others at the top of their list for second homes. Currently, Puerto Vallarta is enjoying an important first position for expat interest in Mexico. With popularity, comes visibility and the potential for many individuals and businesses in the chain to benefit personally and economically. With visibility, come scrutiny. With scrutiny comes responsibility.