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Condo Laws of Jalisco

A Reference Guide for the Condominium Owner

¨He Who Knows His Law, Gets Ahead of Those Who Do Not¨ Condominiums are a large part of the real estate inventory in the Bay. The price range is wider, so more people can afford this form of real estate. Condominium ownership can require less oversight by the owner.


Mexican Condominium Laws

The ABCs of the Condo Homeowners Meetings in Mexico

If you own a condo, you should know that the condo homeowners meetings in Mexico are the top authority for the running of the building. Meetings are both ordinary and extraordinary, with at least one ordinary meeting held each year within the first three months of the year. I’ll also cover the rules that govern maintenance fees today. Here are the ABCs of what you should know:


Civil Code of Jalisco & Condo Ownership

He Who Knows His Law Influences More Than Others

To protect condo owners, the Civil Code of Jalisco provides a comprehensive description of what condo ownership means, and how owners can protect their interests.In my experience, a number of buyers do not take the time to learn the ins and outs of this body of law.  It is to the owner’s benefit to be knowledgeable in the rules and regulations. This specific code protects the interests of the condo ownership as a whole. It is a mistake to assume that the rules and laws for condos in the States are the same as in Mexico.