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GENERATION X – Renting and Owning Real Estate

Generation Xers, between the Millennials and the Baby Boomers are between the ages 37 and 52 years old.

Often described as reticent compared to the generations before them, their habitual reluctance can cause them to lose their ¨voice¨ in the politics of where they live and work.

Generation X´s came of age in the 1980s and early 1990s. The oldest remember Watergate scandal and the youngest are raising families. They became politically aware during the Reagan-Bush or Clinton years. As adults, they are more conservative than millennials and less partisan than boomers.

From childhood, their perspective has been influenced by a broad-based domestic prosperity, steady technological progress, relative racial harmony, and social stability. They experienced the Cold War triumph over the Soviet Union.

Raised with the expectation of inheriting a world at peace, they believed in the global supremacy of the US military.

They also grew up in also a world dealing with the spectre of AIDS. They were taught in school that doing drugs was dangerous, to avoid premarital sex, and there were just two genders.

The first latch-key children, they appeared resilient, independent, slightly cynical. Shaped by their childhood experience, Xers married later than their parents, and have stayed married longer.

Xers were entering homeownership at the peak of the 2008 housing bubble. They were also the ones most likely to suffer job losses during this period.

When the housing market crashed, many of their homes were suddenly underwater. Many Gen Xers owed more than their homes were worth, they defaulted on these mortgages.

In 2018, Millennials who are most likely to face those hurdles, aren’t the generation having the hardest time saving up for a new home, a recent report finds. Instead, it’s Generation X. It is hard to come back again into the housing market after the problems caused by the housing depression starting in 2008.

This National Association of Realtors® report is based on about 4,000 responses received from non-homeowners in surveys performed each month in 2017:


  • Gen Xers are the largest generation with the kids still living at home, says NAR’s managing director of survey research.
  • They may be moving for a better school district or into a home that just has an extra bedroom to accommodate their children.
  • Scrimping and saving to come up with a down payment is no easy feat, especially when aspiring buyers have student loan debt, high rents, and soaring property prices.
  • Gen Xers are at an age where they may have children, car loans, credit card debt
  • They are also less likely to be able to move back home to pay down debt.


It appears to many of us living here, that we experience the benefit of the Xers living here. They can rent, travel, and enjoy a life style in a warm tropical environment at a fraction of the cost for a similar lifestyle in the USA.



This article is based upon Flex MLS reporting, legal opinions, current practices and my personal experiences in the Puerto Vallarta-Bahia de Banderas areas. I recommend that each potential buyer or seller of Mexican real estate conduct his own due diligence and review. If you have any other questions, contact me through my website.

Harriet Murray



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