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 Why Are We Here?

Deciding to Live in Puerto Vallarta

Profiles In Character And Independence – Why Are We Here?

Why does a person decide to live in a foreign country when it is not business related?   Some writer has said the reason is to “re-invent ourselves”. This may be true, but we can also experience a recommitment to some of our core beliefs.

A love of culture and art

CB came because she loves the culture and art. She stays 6-8 months in her condo downtown every year. CB knows her neighbors by name and enjoys visits with the man who blows a whistle to let the community know he is there to sharpen knives and scissors. CB’s friends thought she was crazy to leave her beautiful home in California to spend time in Puerto Vallarta. First, they came to visit out of curiosity and friendship. Now they stay at least a month to experience what CB found years before. CB has connected with the local community and teaches beginning English to a kindergarten class.  Another friend in CB’s group knits receiving blankets for newborns at the IMSS hospital. CB has also helped form a bi-lingual, bi-cultural church which also enriches the members by sharing social and cultural experiences.

Anywhere, but middle of the road

F and K knew they would live Mexico and take their trips into South American on a motorcycle 4-5 months of the year. Their code of living is “Anywhere but middle of the road.”  They sold their home in California, packed their belongings and the dog to take possession of their 100-year-old adobe home above the malecon. Vallarta will be an adventure to enjoy when they are not off on the next trip.  Their goal is to eventually travel around the world on a motorcycle.

A retirement dream

J and C knew after coming to Puerto Vallarta for 30 years with their kids every summer, that they would one day live here. When they retired, they made the permanent move and now are here involved with the local community.  Teaching will be one of their activities as well as writing about the interesting people they meet. J and C are embracing their new life and making many new friends.  They chose a spacious condo with multiple patios to make sure their beloved dog accepted her new home.

Experiencing Nature and Travel

When D and C are here half the year in their penthouse in Nuevo Vallarta, they always plan at least one week’s trip to another location in Mexico.  This time they drove to Michoacán to the preserve where the Monarch butterflies migrate to spend the winter. This spectacular feat of nature was one the most enjoyable experiences they have ever had, anywhere.

Most special was the perspective their local guide gave them when he invited them to his home to learn more about the famous migration of the butterflies.

Jose’s first question was “What do you think of the future of our planet?  Will things get better, or worse?” The importance of their experience those past few days was made clear, when Juan explained the purpose of his question.

They discovered as he had, that we are more optimistic about the future for ourselves and our world, when we experience nature up close. 

If we swim in the ocean, hike or walk, snorkel, or lie on our backs for millions of paper-thin wings to fly over us, we have experienced a miracle of nature.

We have renewed our hopefulness about the future.



This article is based upon Flex MLS reporting, legal opinions, current practices and my personal experiences in the Puerto Vallarta-Bahia de Banderas areas. I recommend that each potential buyer or seller of Mexican real estate conduct his own due diligence and review. If you have any other questions, contact me through my website.

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