Everything you need to know about buying and selling real estate in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, and the Banderas Bay region

Real Estate in Mexico

US Dollars and Mexican Pesos in Property Purchases

Wealthy nationals and foreigners like the idea of buying and selling real estate here in US dollars. They see a US dollar price for real estate as a way to park their money in an asset instead of a bank or investment fund. The US dollar is more stable than the peso at the moment. Two basic facts you need to think about when buying in US dollars, is to understand the tax structure in Mexico for capital gains and to not overpay.


The Purchase of Real Estate

Buying Property & Real Estate in Mexico

Foreigners (non-Mexican) are able to purchase real estate in Mexico. They may directly own rural or urban land in the interior of Mexico with certain limitations on specific agricultural tracts.  In the restricted protected zone, a Trust Deed is used.


Mexican Real Estate

Differences in New Development Projects

At this moment, the majority of new construction of condos in Mexico are bought for cash (from the buyers), and developers are building with these funds. Learn about the differences in new development projects in Mexico, US & Canada.


Civil Law and Common Law in Real Estate

So goes the law, so goes the practice of Real Estate…Mexican Civil Law is not the same as English Common Law. This makes a difference to you as a buyer or seller. Learn the differences here.