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Colombia an Option for Expats

Areas to consider for living in Medellin neighborhoods

From the city center in the valley, neighborhoods extend up the mountainsides, where residents enjoy cooler daytime temperatures with beautiful city and mountain views. Most expats and tourists prefer the city’s high-rise apartments and condominiums in fashionable neighborhoods such as El Poblado, Parque Lleras, Envigado and Laureles.

El Poblado:

The city’s wealthiest and most prestigious neighborhood, El Poblado is also the most popular with expats and tourists. A hillside neighborhood of luxury high-rise apartment buildings, parks, winding tree-lined streets, outdoor restaurants and cafes, boutiques, yoga studios and gourmet shops, El Poblado resembles any up-scale first-world neighborhood. El Poblado is known for its Golden Mile, a stretch of Avenida El Poblado lined with high-end shopping, restaurants, clubs, and hotels, as well as the conveniences of daily life, including supermarkets, medical facilities, banks, and cafes. A safe choice for living or investment, El Poblado also is more expensive than other Medellin neighborhoods.

Parque Lleras:

Medellin’s top nightlife district, or Zona Rosa, Parque Lleras is an area of El Poblado known for its blocks glitzy bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes. Its original purpose was to be the city’s first multi-tenant housing complex, built to house poor migrants and campesinos who had nowhere to live in Medellin. Today Parque Lleras is a popular tourism destination, with hostels, hotels and retail shops in addition to nightlife venues.


Sometimes called “the next El Poblado,” the adjacent Envigado neighborhood nevertheless retains a local look and feel. The main square is dominated by colonial-era church, and surrounded by cafes, bars and restaurants where people gather to socialize.

Cultural and culinary options in Envigado attract weekend visitors and residents to the bars, clubs, restaurants to eat, drink, dance and watch local artists perform. Envigado also preserves natural areas for hiking, mountain biking and bird-watching.


An upper-middle-class planned neighborhood built in the 1930s, Laureles is named for the laurel trees lining the medians of its streets. Here the streets form a grid pattern, Laureles’ winding streets encircle Santa Teresita or Laureles Park 2. Laureles is known as a safe neighborhood of single-family houses and low-rise apartment buildings, interspersed with small stores that offer all the conveniences. Within easy walking distance are restaurants, bars, cafes and stores.

Medellin Facts & Figures:

  • Altitude:  1,495 meters (4,905 ft.)
  • Department (state): Capital city of Antioquia
  • City Population:  4,000,263
  • International Airport: Jose Maria Cordova (MDE)
  • Currency: Colombian peso (COP)
  • Time Zone: UTC-5 hours (equivalent to EST in North America)
  • Average Temperature: 72F
  • Rainiest Months: April-May; Sept.-Nov.
  • Driest Months: Dec.-March

For Colombians, the finca, or country home, offers a weekend retreat from urban life. Many Medellin Colombia fincas for sale with either modern or traditional homes, gardens, and mountainside views are available within a short drive of the city.

Medellin Colombia Fincas (Lots for Sale)

$101,859 with 5100M at $20 USD a M2

The are approximately 0.51 hectares for the construction of mountainside eco villas within an exclusive gated community development in a unique setting. Sharing the peaceful hillside location is a variety of high-end finca estates and clubs.

The development provides common access to the lots and brings water & electricity to the entrance of each lot. Up to 2 homes per lot are allowed.

Condos in the different neighborhoods run on average $1,800 USD to $2,400 USD per M2.

Medellin is an option for expats.




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