Everything you need to know about buying and selling real estate in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, and the Banderas Bay region

Real Estate in Mexico

Why You Should Do Your Homework When Selling Real Estate

A seller needs to know when he offers his property for sale, if he has an exemption or whether he will pay capital gains tax. When an offer comes in, it will usually say that both buyer and seller agree to their usual closing costs. For the seller, capital gains tax is an expense.


Life in Puerto Vallarta: Is it safe?

So, “How is PV?”, is the big question I keep being asked, ¨Is it safe?¨ I am happy to report that 21,000 residents received their first and second doses of the vaccine (So far this year). The state made a decision that it was very important to make the world see Puerto Vallarta as a safe travel destination during this time of covid.


Mexican Real Estate

What Buyers Should Know About Real Estate Escrow and Deposits

If you have found a property, and you want an offer, I recommend the following: Your offer should include time for you to conduct due diligence, an inspection, or other concerns. Beware of your having to put your deposit into the escrow company before these issues are resolved. Mexico does not require funds to be put up by the buyer in order to have a binding offer.