Everything you need to know about buying and selling real estate in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, and the Banderas Bay region

Understanding Negotiating Styles

Canadian and American Business Practices

If we understand social and business customs of our neighbors, it is easier to accomplish an objective between parties.In our market of Puerto Vallarta from Barra de Navidad in the south to Lo de Marcos on the north, we have the three nationalities living and working together. Here we reference the Canadians and Americas while in their own countries. Next, we will review the Mexican business practices and highlight their differences from their two North American cousins.



What Rights and Representation Do Buyers and Sellers Deserve?

This article is about pre-construction, new developments, as well as resales. There is a particular ethical and moral way in which buyers and sellers should deal with each other, and most of the time, the person who has to keep the negotiation on this level is the agent (agents) involved.


What documentation do you need?

Correct Paperwork When You Decide to Sell

Electric and phone bill must match the legal description of your escritura. You have discovered that your address or name in the deed does not match what is on your phone or electric bill. Yes, the bills are paid to the person you pay to do this, but this system can be a problem when you decide to sell. The system we usually follow before we decide to sell doesn’t have the checks and balances it should.


Condo Laws of Jalisco

A Reference Guide for the Condominium Owner

¨He Who Knows His Law, Gets Ahead of Those Who Do Not¨ Condominiums are a large part of the real estate inventory in the Bay. The price range is wider, so more people can afford this form of real estate. Condominium ownership can require less oversight by the owner.